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Pro’s of Dropping the Bomb


The pros for dropping the bomb are that the war ended faster when Japan saw how devastating the atomic bomb was. The atomic bomb leveled both Hiroshima and Nagasaki. If the United States had not dropped the atomic bomb on Japan, then the United States would have been forced to invade Japan, which was making preparations for the invasion. The thought process with dropping the bomb was that it would save hundreds of thousands of American soldiers lives. With dropping the atomic bomb, the United States had to be the one’s making the atomic bomb. So even though many lives were lost in using this weapon, with the United States developing it first, this helped in preventing other nations developing it first, which may have led to an atomic bomb being used on us. Many Japanese civilians were reported starving to death and this was a result of the Japanese Army taking all of the food, leaving little left for regular families. By dropping the atomic bomb, there was the tragedy of civilians dying, however with a drawn out war with Japan, how many of those civilians would have died from starvation? Would it have been more than the casualties lost by the atomic bomb? Another pro was that after dropping the atomic bomb, all POW soldiers were released from Japan! With the atomic bomb, The United States would become a superpower. The United States had always tried to keep peace, and having the atomic bomb gave it the leverage needed, as other nations saw the devastation created by this weapon, which ha led to negotiations and peace talks rather than war.