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The Presidents Decision


President Harry S. Truman wants revenge on the Japanese for all the American lives they took. This is an example of what you would hear after reading some of the President’s thoughts on dropping the atomic bomb. It is my opinion, that this must have been the hardest thing this President had to make. I believe this decision was made with the American soldier in his mind. He also had to think of all the women and children that would be killed once the bombs were dropped. In my opinion, the President probably weighed all the bad against the good (if you can call any of this good). But in the end, it is clear that the results that President Truman was aiming for were accomplished. The Japanese surrendered and the war ended. Could this have been handled differently? Yes it could! There was some belief that the Japanese would surrender in the near future. But I bring this point back for debate. Tens of millions of people had already lost their lives. How many more lives and how many more American lives are you willing to lose when you have already lost so many? How much do you want hope to be part of your decision, when it hasn’t stopped the amount of lives lost up to this very hard decision? President Truman had to make a decision with the information he had at that time that he received from staff and advisors. Rumors had it that the Germans and Japanese and other nations were trying to get the atom bomb. If that would have been allowed, President Truman would have put the entire nation in danger. So in the end, it is my opinion, he made the right decision for our country